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Dog Daycare Center

Doggie Beach Lounge is an exclusive dog daycare that provides dogs with a unique blend of fun, safety, and designed to reflect the spirit of La Jolla. We guarantee that each member receives the best possible care and attention in a peaceful environment. By intentionally keeping our capacity low, we ensure that your beloved pet thrives in a calm, nurturing setting that feels like a second home. Keep your dog healthy, we now offer dog-walks as a service.

We talk dog!

Every Doggie Beach Lounge member is vetted for temperament and sociability. This ensures that all our guests are well behaved, fostering a community of well-mannered canine friends who can play and relax in a safe, supportive environment.


Our professional team is passionate about dogs and dedicated to providing constant, attentive supervision. At Doggie Beach Lounge, safety and fun go paw-in-paw, ensuring that every member enjoys a day filled with engaging activities, socialization, and rest, all under the watchful eyes of our caring staff.


Pricing and Membership Perks

Daily Pricing:

Hourly: $15

Half Day (Up to 5 hours): $70

Full Day (Over 5 Hours): $99

Dog Walking:

20 Minutes: $20

30 Minutes: $30

Discount available for La Jolla Grooming Customers


10 Full Days (over 5 Hours) $749

20 Full Days (over 5 hours) $1,399

10 Half Days (up to 5 hours) $479

20 Half Days (up to 5 hours) $899

Ask about our doggy spa packages!

Maxota Raw Dogfood:

Wild dogs and wolves have been hunting and eating prey for thousands of years. Dogs have therefore developed a digestive system that functions best on raw foods. Only since the industrial age has the common diet of dogs been cooked, high in grains, and low in nutrients. 


Try Maxota Raw served at Doggie Beach Lounge.

La Jolla Grooming:

Being attached to La Jolla Grooming allows us to expand our day-to-day services and provides a seamless services for our canine friends. From stylish haircuts to soothing spa treatments, our comprehensive approach ensures that your dog not only looks their best but feels their best, too.

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